Accomodation in Kemenuh

In the village of Kemenuh until now, there are many different types of accomodation, such as hotel, inn, bungalow, villa, or homestay. Homestays offer visitors to stay with locals in their homes. To support accomodation needs for tourists, the construction of big hotels is still on going in Kemenuh. Several accomodations you can find in Kemenuh:


The Chedi Hotel, Banjar Tengkulak Kaja 
Banushwari Resort, Banjar Tengkulak Tengah


Villas & Bungalows

Villa Ubud Cliff, Banjar Tengkulak Kauh
Villa Rumah Titiang, Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kauh
Villa 88, Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kauh
Puri Alam Dewata
Villa Alamanda, Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kangin
Villa Petanu River, Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kangin
Villa George, Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kangin


There are about 20 local people houses in Banjar Batusepih area, with 30 rooms that have meets the standard (hygiene and bathroom). With the hospitality of the Balinese people, we invite both domestic and foreign tourists to feel the warmth in staying with our family.

Sua Bali

A resort that is established with a concept of responsible tourism for the surrounding community and sustainability. It offers Balinese hospitality and invites guests to directly interact with unique Balinese daily live.

Bali Budaya

Bali Budaya was established in 1982 on a 1.9-hectare block of land by I Wayan Sila to help distribute the work of the carvers from Sumampan and its surrounding areas. It has been I Wayan Sila’s family residence for generations. It also became a collective studio for the carvers in the 60s and 70s.